We Are Hiring

We are open to consider positions at any level of experience above minimum.

Knowledge of Java and related tools and technologies is required, as well as knowledge of web architectures and sql engines, including practical skills, e.g. you should be able to setup your own bare bone laptop with everything needed to start working on a real project (this does not mean that you will necessarily have to do that .. :-). A mimimal but working knowledge of linux and scripting tools is required as well.
Working knowledge of nosql engines (any), search engines (lucene/solr/elastic search), rdfs, data mining, machine learning, devops tools is a plus.

What we are looking for? Serious and passionate developers – we need guys which like solving non trivial problems, but also know that solving non trivial problems always imply a lot of work on trivial details. We like people which are able to asks questions – but do not stops waiting answers. We need flexible people, which albeit may be more focused on front end or back end development, are anyway able to cooperate and even switch roles.

What we are NOT looking for? People which would like to move away from coding. If you believe that in a couple of years you should only manage or mentor or engage with clients please do not apply. You would probably be asked and have to do all of these also, and increase autonomy and responsibility, but we are looking for people which even with gray or white hairs will like to keep their hands on keyboards when needed (and please note ‘when’, not ‘if’, because it will happen!).

If you are interested please send an email trough the form here, using ‘hiring’ as subject. We know, there is no way to attach a cv. This is intended. You need to stay in a few lines to express why you want to come and what you would like to do. A full cv may come later. And of course you can put a ref to linkedin or github or similar if you like 🙂

PS: this is purposely in English. It is not a mistake or a wrong page. Point is you must be able to understand English.