Publishers relied in the past on providing access to information which was not easily available. Since then, growth of Internet on one side has laid down the infrastructure to easily and quickly locate and access information, while on the other public initiatives and in some case regulations imposed are starting to make available documents such as norms, regulations or case law which are by definition public.

Hence, relevance has moved from simply make information available to providing value added services over information.

Kie provide advanced tools for information and knowledge management to publishers and in general any organization publishing information, allowing to transform content in value added services. Our tools and technology allow to analyze textual content to extract and elaborate relevant information and to deploy services – for both editorial organizations as well as for the final users – for accessing, browsing, publishing.


Extract! – Legal references extractor – perform an automatic analysis on documents of various formats, recognising references to norms (laws, decrees, regulations etc) and case law (sentences etc). All recognised references are normalised and allow the automatic construction of structured repositories, handling links between texts.

The resulting references network enables performing analysis, for example to detect changes in orientations in decisions, or recurring patterns of usage.

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Mask! – a tool able to perform fully automatic anonymization of texts, satisfying regulations about publication of sensitive material.

Mask! enable to hide sensitive information such as proper names (Italians or foreigners) company data, VAT numbers, registration numbers, license plates. Anonymization is performed  homogeneously keeping into account the context so that the final text remains readable and understandable, and can be configured to leave as is information not needing to be hidden, such as names of the Judges in sentences or names of public companies or public institutions (such as the FED).

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AGI – KIE provides AGI – Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani – with technology to manage its own repository of relevant sentences. The system – whose access is private to the organization subscribers – store  sentences from Italian Tribunals and Courts of Appeals, collected thanks to cooperation of affiliates and magistrates, and enables search by full text as well as by extracted references.

LKMS/Extract! is available as an optional module for Mnemosyne/LKMS. By extracting information from documents produced by the law firm opinions, pledges etc, besides allowing easier search and retrieval, it also becomes possible to implement cross checks against best practice documents and / or verify correct citations to relevant precedents.

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